Meet the Team

Meet the people building the platform that's going to address the challenges we’ve all shared with the capabilities we’ve always needed.

Mike Wayne headshot

Mike Wayne


Customer Champion

Mike is a sales and go-to-market executive leading our customer success engine at Stairwell. Mike has over 15 years of experience bringing security, cloud infrastructure and business applications to market. He previously led the Americas GTM organization for Google Cloud Security, built and scaled the Americas sales team for Chronicle, and held sales roles at Salesforce, and NetApp. Mike has a degree in Mechanical Engineering from CalPoly SLO.

Google CloudSalesforceNetAppPreviously worked at Chronicle
Paul Scott headshot

Paul Scott

Head of Product

Console Cowboy

It’s rumored that Paul is actually a ROM construct, rebooted for every new startup to masterfully shape customer needs into powerful products. At Perch and Alert Logic, Paul helped thousands of organizations detect and respond to threats.

PerchAlert Logic
Andrew Liu headshot

Andrew Liu

Software Engineer

Curious Builder

Andrew aspires to make the world a safer place at Stairwell. He is a software engineer who loves tackling hard challenges and believes that people are the bedrock of any good team. In his past lives, Andrew started the machine learning infrastructure team at Scale AI and improved authentication at Google.

DropboxGoogleScale AI
Keavon Chambers headshot

Keavon Chambers

Software Engineer

Visual Visionary

Keavon is a detail-oriented frontend engineer who loves building intuitive, delightful software. Pairing his aptitude for design and code, he crafts human-centered solutions to technical problems. Keavon leverages his background in 3D visualization and aerospace to develop highly-reliable, innovative approaches for capturing meaningful insights from complex data.

Cal Poly CubeSat LaboratoryNASA Jet Propulsion LaboratoryMillennium Space Systems, Beoing
David Wyrobnik headshot

David Wyrobnik

Software Engineer

Infinite Learner

David is on a mission to build the backend supporting Stairwell's ambitious roadmap and the scale we plan to reach, while having fun along the way. He is customer obsessed, always starts with the Why, and strongly believes that the best work is teamwork. Prior to Stairwell, David worked on cloud integrations, testing, and customer success at Tamr, and on search at the MIT Media Lab's Scratch group.

GooglePalantirMIT Media LabTamr
Jan Kang headshot

Jan Kang

COO & General Counsel

Joyful Connector

Jan is an operations and legal executive with expertise in public and private B2B tech companies. She connects people, platforms and processes to create strong foundations for companies to thrive and scale. She is both the ballast and WD40 of Stairwell, helping to keep things grounded and removing friction from the company’s path to success. Jan was the CLO at Chronicle where she led the legal and compliance teams. Jan is adept at building networks of trusted relationships as founder of the largest women General Counsel platform, connecting more than 1,000 legal leaders.

Worked at GooglePreviously worked at ChronicleStartup experience

We’re in this together.
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We’re in this together.
View our open roles to see how you fit.

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Ian Gudger headshot

Ian Gudger

Software Engineer

Passionately Thoughtful

Ian is a member of the backend team. He’s passionate about simple solutions to complex problems. Before joining Stairwell, he worked on kernels, networking, and serverless computing at Google.

Worked at GooglePreviously worked at Microsoft
Andrew Allen headshot

Andrew Allen

Engineering Lead

A Simple Nerd

Andrew is committed to a healthy disregard for the impossible and building a team that can take on any herculean task. Formerly he was at Google where he helped defend one of the largest payment processing systems on the planet.

Worked at GooglePreviously worked at ChronicleStartup experience
Dina Supino headshot

Dina Supino

Design Lead

Playfully Engaging

Dina designs enterprise products that delight with beauty and simplicity. She combines many years of experience envisioning new products for Microsoft and Google with a voracious desire to explore how people think and interact with their environments. This curiosity combined with her deep understanding of acrobatic flow and movement informs a holistic design approach.

Worked at GooglePreviously worked at MicrosoftStartup experience
Daniel Muller headshot

Daniel Muller

Software Engineer

Enigmatic Engineer

Dan creates performant, luxurious frontends at Stairwell. He is passionate about crisp 60fps animations, rigorous testing, lightning fast load times, and elegantly simple interactions. He also has colored hair and a single earring so you know he's hip.

Worked at GoogleStartup experience
Tyler King headshot

Tyler King

Hiring & Culture Czar

Everyday Excellence

Tyler believes that people are the heart and soul of a company. He's on a mission to bring the most talented people to Stairwell, and to create a culture that enables them to perform the best work of their careers. His glass is consistently half full, and he's driven to keep Stairwell's scrappy startup spirit as we grow up.

Perviously worked at UberPreviously worked at ChronicleExperience fast scaling startups
Mike Wiacek headshot

Mike Wiacek


Creative Determination

Mike is passionate about security and believes that unique perspectives bring about game changing results. He's focused on making Stairwell a success by building out a team and culture that is collaborative, honest, and dedicated in service of our customers and each other. Prior to starting Stairwell, he was a co-founder and CSO of Alphabet's Chronicle and the founder of Google's Threat Analysis Group.

Worked for the DoDFounded Google's Threat Analyst GroupFounded ChronicleExperience fast scaling startups

Dweller values

Before we started scoping products and services, before we wrote a business plan or job descriptions, we outlined our foundational principles that would define our values to each other and our customers.

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Mike, Andrew, and Dina on a Stairwell team outing. Smiling in front of a graffiti wall in Denver.